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RM63,900.00 RM73,500.00
Wilh. Steinberg P178 Grand Piano (P-178 / P 178)
Price RM63,900.00 RM73,500.00
Product SKU P178
Brand Wilh.Steinberg
Size (L x W x H) 176 cm x 154 cm x 101 cm
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The P178 Grand Piano is based on the German WILH. STEINBERG design, crafting techniques, and technologies. German hammerheads and a re-finish at the Eisenberg factory / Germany lead to intensive sound experience.

The result means a lot of musical instruments at an attractive price.


  • Construction with duplex scale
  • Alaskan Stika Spurce Soundboard & Ribs
  • German Dehonit Pinblock
  • German Roslau Strings
  • German Abel Hammers
  • German Klinke Agraffes
  • Double Spring Action and Keyboard
  • Hybraulic Slow-Close System



178cm (D) x 155cm (W) x 101cm (H)


Price include:

  • 10 Years Factory Warranty
  • New Adjustable Bench x1unit
  • New Constant Dryer x 1unit
  • New Key Cover x 1unit
  • New Castor Cup x 1 set
  • Free Delivery within West malaysia
  • Free Two times tuning



What's in the box

Piano, Castor Cup *4, Constant Dryer *1, Adjustable Bench *1, Key Cover *1