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RM6,499.00 RM8,310.00
Yamaha YAS-280 All Ages Beginner Student Alto Saxophone (YAS 280 / YAS280)
Price RM6,499.00 RM8,310.00
Product SKU YAS280
Brand Yamaha
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  • Key: Eb
  • Bell Type: Two-piece
  • Key Buttons: Polyester
  • Auxiliary Keys: High F#, Front F
  • Thumb Hook: Adjustable
  • Finish: Gold lacquer
  • Neck: 280 style
  • Mouthpiece: 4C
  • Case: Included


Perfect for Beginners of All Ages

Of all types of saxophone, the alto sax is the most common starter instrument. Its compact key layout and need for a little less air make it a solid choice for those just starting out as well as younger players.

Other factors making the alto a popular first saxophone is its generally lower cost as well as the wealth of classical repertoire written for the instrument. Moreover, most of the skill and technique a learner develops on the alto can easily apply to other saxophones.

What Makes a Yamaha Saxophone Special?

Whilst the cost of an alto saxophone can be lower, it’s important to remember that craftsmanship, design and material choices are critical to the instrument’s tone, intonation, playability, and durability. While these factors might seem less important for those who are just starting out, just the opposite is true. An instrument that refuses to stay in tune, is difficult to play or breaks easily can quickly discourage someone from progressing on the saxophone.

The Yamaha YAS-280 beginner alto saxophone is the sucessor to the longstanding, bestselling, YAS-275. We’ve carried over the essential Yamaha hallmarks of high quality build, reliability and excellent (and consistent) intonation in the new model – qualities which made the YAS-275 the leading choice for beginner saxophonists.

The design of the YAS-280 is lightweight and ergonomic offering a comfortable playing experience (which makes it especially suitable for younger learners).

The neck receiver on the body of the saxophone has been refined with improved rigidity – it’s firmly set in place with a durable tightening screw.

On the base of the instrument, the low B – C# mechanism has been modified to ensure full and consistent closure of the pads. This prevents air leakage and thus gives a more confident sound in the YAS-280’s lower register (which also contributes to the improved consistency in intonation of the YAS-280’s lower register).

An adjustable thumb-rest ensures that even small hands are able to reach all the notes without unnecessary stretching (helping learners to play more comfortably for longer durations). Thanks to improved connectors and bracing, the YAS-280 is also more durable than its predecessor – ideal for young players still learning to care for their instrument.

As a premium Yamaha beginner saxophone, it will last many, many years, enabling the player to reach at least a Grade 5+ standard without having to move to an intermediate or professional saxophone.

Thanks to the legacy of the classic YAS-275, the hallmarks of Yamaha saxophones and the new refinements developed by our saxophone designers and artisans, the YAS-280 is the ideal choice for the beginner.

Included Accessories

We’ve included a set of accessories with every YAS-280 Alto Saxophone, enabling you to start playing straight away. The Yamaha 4C mouthpiece (along with reed and ligature) is suitable for all styles of music and is great for beginners (who, after some years of learning, might choose an additional mouthpiece to specialise in a specific genre or playing style).

The YAS-280 is delivered in a high quality fitted backpack-style case with a zip-up external accessory pocket, 2 durable carry handles and hide-away back-pack straps that can be zipped away when not needed. The case lid opens wide to allow easy access to the saxophone and a large internal storage area, all providing excellent protection for your instrument that is easy to carry.

What's in the box
  • Saxophone *1
  • Carrying Case *1
  • Mouthpiece *1
  • Ligature *1
  • Mouthpiece Cap *1
  • Cleaning Cloth *1
  • Cork Grease *1
  • Reed *1
  • Neck Strap *1
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