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  • Laminated Solid wood with Alaska Sitka Spruce
  • German Röslau strings
  • Wooden action & solid wood keyboard
  • Hydraulic slow-close system
  • Soundboard – High density Alaskan spruce that is able to transmit sound quickly
  • Hammer head – High quality German FFW felt which allows for a richer sound
  • Wooden action & solid wood keyboard
  • SoundBoard – High density Alaskan spruce that is able to transmit sound quickly
  • Hammer head – High quality German FFW felt which allows for a rich sound
  • Action – Designed based on the study of the British Langer, German Renner and Japanese action designs; combining the strength of each of the designs
  • Wood – Specially treated with a dehumidifying process to ensure that it is durable to changes in temperature and humidity
  • Black keys – Imported ebony wood which will increase in glossiness with use


  • Outstanding balanced touch
  • Hand finished in Eisenberg
  • Alaskan sitka spruce soundboard & ribs
  • FLEMMING-Action
  • Solid wood keyboard
  • Full Spruce soundboard
  • German Abel hammer Heads
  • German Röslau strings
  • If you’re learning piano as a new hobby or just looking to start playing again, you want to pick an instrument that matches your style. While some traditional pianos can look out of place with modern furnishings, the F701 is made with the contemporary home in mind, offering a stylish, understated cabinet and compact size that fits easily in smaller spaces. Yet while the minimal aesthetic seamlessly blends with your décor and subtly enhances the look of any room, the F701’s performance as a musical instrument is bold and commanding.
  • You’ll play with greater expression, thanks to Roland’s dynamic SuperNATURAL sound engine and PHA-4 Standard keyboard that responds to the slightest touch. And your home will be filled with beautiful piano sound, thanks to the powerful twin speaker system. For total concentration during practice, dive into the Headphones 3D Ambience effect for an immersive sound field that encourages you to lose yourself in the music. You’ll practice more often and learn faster too, using integrated Bluetooth audio and MIDI to explore everything from YouTube video lessons to dedicated music apps.
  • Slide open the lid, select a sound to match your mood, and experience the F701: a thoroughly modern piano that looks—and feels—as good as it sounds.
  • With Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL sound engine at its heart, the F701 faithfully reproduces every side of your musical personality, from the boldest fortissimo to the most delicate pianissimo. Adding to the impression of an acoustic piano is the PHA-4 Standard keyboard, with hammer action, escapement, and ivory-touch white keys that feel utterly authentic, right down to the distinctive “click” when each one is played.
  • With intuitive controls and an easy-to-read, icon-driven display, the F701 is simple to use and inspiring to play. Ditch the instruction manual and start exploring over 300 onboard play-along songs, the practice-friendly metronome, and a recording function that lets you evaluate your performance by listening back to what you just played.
  • Simple, slim, and subtle, the F701 fits right in with the décor of your home, with rounded corners and an integrated piano lid that smoothly slides open to reveal the keys. Even the back has been considered, with neatly arranged rear connections that allow the piano to face in any direction without unsightly wires. And with three color choices, it’s easy to find the perfect match for your room: standard black, clean white, or light oak with elegant simulated wood grain.
  • With a focus on learning and Bluetooth connectivity, the F701 makes your practice sessions fun and highly productive. Bluetooth audio lets you hook up your smartphone and stream music through the piano speakers and play along, while Bluetooth MIDI makes it easy to access online learning platforms like Skoove and others. Or try Roland’s Piano Every Day app, with its One Week Master program that helps you learn a new piece of music in a week, complete with automatic recording of your performances to check how you’re doing.
  • Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard
  • 630 high quality Voices including CFX Grand Piano & 29 Drum-/SFX-kits
  • 256-note polyphony
  • Super Articulation Voices
  • VRM (Virtual Resonance Modelling)
  • 263 auto accompaniment Styles, each with 4 variation
  • Reverb, Chorus and DSP
  • Master Equaliser and Part EQ
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC), Stereophonic Optimiser
  • New user interface with 4.3 inch colour TFT display
  • 100 Preset Songs
  • 16 Track Midi Recording
  • USB Audio Recorder with Vocal Cancel, Time Stretch and Pitch Shift
  • Playlist function
  • Bluetooth® Audio receiver
  • Compatible with Chord Tracker app