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RM52,300.00 RM60,100.00
Schönbrunn XG152 New Acoustic German Grand Piano (XG-152 / XG 152 / Schonbrunn)
Price RM52,300.00 RM60,100.00
Product SKU XG152
Brand Schönbrunn
Size (L x W x H) 152 cm x 148 cm x 100 cm
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  • Construction with duplex scale
  • Solid Wood with Alaskan Sitka Spruce soundboard & ribs
  • Maple pinblock
  • German Röslau strings
  • German Abel hammers 
  • Double spring action and solid wood keyboard
  • Hydraulic slow-close system
  • 10 Years Factory Warranty
  • New Adjustable Bench x1unit
  • New Constant Dryer x 1unit
  • New Key Cover x 1unit
  • New Castor Cup x 1 set
  • Free Delivery within West Malaysia
  • Free Two times tuning 

Schonbrunn XG152 has the feels and incredible sounds of German with rich European tone. Not only it comes with reasonable price, Schonbrunn XG152 maintain the traditional German piano-making features of warm and rich tones with great looking finishing touch. It has bell-like treble, deep rich bass tones and perfectly balanced actions that meet the need of both beginner and advance pianists.
With Schonbrunn Piano, you can get high quality German sound and feel piano at very reasonable price due to fact that it was manufactured in China. Quality remain high standard with tight supervision and that is why many units have been sold to professional players in London institutions.
What's in the box
  • Piano *1
  • Castor Cup *4
  • Constant Dryer *1
  • Adjustable Bench *1
  • Key Cover *1
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